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Hello Everyone!
I wanted to let you know that after many years, I have moved to the other side of the industry fence. I am now writing and directing my own works, and need your help!

It would mean a lot to me if you could contribute or even share it - every little bit helps.
Even $5  :D

Miss Firefly? Want to support a project for a screenplay that has already won countless awards? Looking for some good sci-fi drama that's unique?

Want to own a steampunk corset? Handmade steampunk wings or be on set and see how it's all done? Here's your chance!

redarrow Click here to to get updates on our IndieGogo scifi/steampunk project and to help support us!

redarrow Visit Seregon O'Dassey on TSU!


redarrow The Devil's Nightmare is now available on DVD! Click here here.
General Information:

Seregon is creative, professional and friendly both in the studio and on location. Negotiable fee starts at 2 hours minimum + travel. Feel free to contact Seregon's management team with serious inquiries only!

*Via email: seregonodassey81@gmail.com. NO TFP. Please add seregonodassey81@gmail.com to the unblock list in your spam filter.

*Currently accepting serious, paid only assignments/contracts with professional, reputable photographers/agencies. Seregon is a highly experienced professional model, easy to work with, takes direction well.

*Please be able to supply references and/or credentials.

If you're had a picture taken with me and would like me to put it on my site please email it to me in jpeg form with your name and where it was taken, and if you'd like, who took the photo.
This is Seregon O'Dassey. I am not a porn star, there is no porn star with my name,nor have I ever done xrated material. Websites that contain porn go to model sites and steal models names and use them to gain publicity for their own sites.



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