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Thy beauty is fierce, Maiden
Like a Tigress caught in the glimpse of the Sun
Hair as reddened Flame flashing Helios' Crown
Eyes as deep as the most Emerald forrest
It is the Flame within thy heart I see
Reflecting a spirit of pure fury
A Goddess of Celtic Myth
Glorious to behold yet as tangible as the most fragile of Dreams
Her softness of porcelin surface cool as silken breeze
Her Fire of furious delight upon her dreams which she will rise
to the highest Heavens
To the Flame I am drawn never fearing the Heat within the Glow
She smiles as pure joy leaves her lips red as dark fruit for which the
nectar explodes with excited potency
I see within into thy burning light
Knowing only warmth reflected upon an ocean of green
And a crown of Red.................

Kent Darden 2003

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