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The Truth Within Your Eyes

The night is cold as ice,
as the wind begins to blow.
The rain continues to fall,
as if the heavens finally let go.

I close my eyes hearing the rain,
putting me at ease from all the pain.
I smile as I can still hear your voice,
a voice whispering to me.

You are like the rain,
for I continue to hear your sound.
Moistering the surroundings,
easing the pain I have felt around.

I should thank you for opening the door in life,
though you say we're far,
you are still close in my mind,
and to me, you are the sound of rain I hear in my head.

I feel your presence behind me,
your arms around me.
I care not for now's solitude,
for I only care how you are tonight.

I ask of you to be my angel,
to be my light.
To take my hand within yours,
just like the rain is falling tonight.

Let me be the one to gaze within your eyes,
to be the one to make you smile tonight.
Let me be your candle light,
to show you way through the dark, cold night.

I shall protect you from now until the end,
I shall be your guardian even when time comes to an end.
I ask of you to be in my life,
To be my girl, my angel of the night.

We shall cross many stars in this ship,
to see many galaxies pass us by.
Let us stand as the storm begins to rage,
like the thunder I hear in my heart.

I care not what people will say,
if you are famous or normal in any way.
For to me you still have stars in your eyes,
and I know you're be the one I come home to every night.

You are special in your own little way,
there is nothing more I truely have to say.
For your eyes tell me all I wanted to say,
If I was yours, I shall always love you no matter what, every day.

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